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Jinan Yuquan Sunshine Hotel (Yuquan Simpson Hotel Jinan), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.'Br Il s' agit d 'un hôtel thématique de culture de ping - pong, d' une superficie d 'exploitation de 60.000 mètres carrés, avec divers types de chambres, plus de milliers de places de repas, le Centre de conférence multifonctionnel, le ping - pong gymnase Club, le parking stéréo moderne, etc.'Br Depuis la construction de l 'hôtel en 1995, l' Hôtellerie a toujours suivi l 'esprit d' entreprise de' Ping - pong affectif, les gens d 'abord, l' intégrité éternelle, l 'humble support 'dans l' industrie hôtelière chinoise.'Magasin', 'la province du Shandong bien connue des marques', 'Shandong respecter les contrats de crédit de la province du Shandong' et d 'autres plus de 100 titres honorifiques.Entrer dans la maison du ping - pong, sentir la culture du ping - pong.Sincère, chaleureux, l 'hôte Yuquan attend avec intérêt votre visite.
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  • guixinyi
    Hotel walk is the springs Plaza, baotu spring, Ginza Plaza, the traffic is very convenient, travel, shopping convenience. hotel facilities General, also gives a feeling of old.
  • e01064669
    Hotel facilities really should change the shower facilities are overwhelmed, floor drain back, but business needs to live here from more convenient service points, in particular, to thank the Customer Service Manager, help me to solved the problem of a lost, thank you.
  • motsec
    Environment is good, very good
  • caicw
    Travel more convenient, there is an airport bus. Inside TV is bad, service
  • Sufie
    Condition good. is parking inconvenience fewer spaces on the floor, do not have many underground and to-2 lifts are too small, older cars could not get. I'm on-street parking overnight, seven o'clock, moved to the West side of the front of the hotel, then left East of the parking lot exit fees, on the grounds that overnight. generally do not live after that
  • bojeilee
    Helpful staff, facilities are complete, suitable for both leisure tourism destination
  • Galina
    Good location, in the old hotel has refurbished facilities based on. Services, sanitation, facilities are good. price very high. also recommend staying.
  • av57971988
    Restaurant service was poor, asking what do not know, also a look uncle, not a service, I do not know how, training, good reception in the lobby.
  • iceberry
    Location is good and convenient, from the commercial centre, near shopping is very convenient. decoration of the hotel is a little old, like health, service is not very good, parking for a fee, every time somebody charges a bit disproportionate to the four star hotel service. the above requirements of the people, the hotel's location is very good.
  • dove117
    Location location location, convenient and easy, okay Okay okay. 20
  • garyc
    Breakfast is getting worse, no meat
  • Cinderella.Sun
    A little old, but some rooms have more characteristics
  • linjyx
    Location is good and convenient, very good.
  • boeywong
    Friend, was well received! don't say! environment is also good!
  • dna_consulting
    Good location, reasonable price
  • neverold
    Room small, hotel in city centre location, conveniently, but older, hotel rooms did not even have mineral water and napkins.
  • e01027928
    Parking lift, very convenient
  • Aeternus
    Overall, the price was quite high, hotel location is very good, relatively old facilities are a good choice
  • louisexu
    School Shi often passing this hotel, feel is tall Shang, 15 years Hou occasionally back Jinan, on selected has this. price does compared cheap, facilities also is barely make do, but Hotel no spaces, said truth is located in downtown spaces tension I also can understanding, but asked front desk a male reception Member, not only attitude indifference, also said we hotel not is responsible for parking, completely a Deputy deserved, said let you to we Hotel live of mean, suddenly effect mood. you even is really solution can't, help askedAsked in front of the service line, even bothered to ask, you expressed concern also OK Ah! I hope you can improve!
  • littlebaobao88
    Hotel at 4 stars, but the Interior equipment was obsolete. says there is a swimming pool to the room price more than 360 free. what ping pong themes are just gimmicks, even a ping pong table not to, let alone to play,
  • tccmyf
    Rod Rod Rod Rod Rod Rod Rod Rod rod
  • lixin0436
    All right
  • ffeeo
    Rooms at the 2119,2120 room, reference to the movie House of novel, room equivalent to an ordinary room, the price is not low.
  • ice_mamengxue
    Hotel location is very good, away from the baotu spring is near, there is an airport bus at the door, very convenient, alongside a street, very good
  • sunswl
    Address good parking no parking spaces.
  • fujibo
    Location is convenient, leisure shopping travel is convenient and recommended
  • alan_0308
    Good location, service
  • butuijian
    No bathrobes, shampoos button broken could not extruded, no mini bar, service is not good enough ... good location. nine o'clock 9 stores there is no Wifi, not convenient.
  • peiloo
    Old hotel, great location, dining early varieties, quality good. health improve, and two nights in one of the rooms had dirty marks on the toilet, I could rub off.
  • b1103
    Overall it is good, service is good, the prices at this time, really good, have the opportunity to come to live here.
  • lemon.Wang
    Fair price
  • loopera
    Convenient, breakfast OK. television beginning room air conditioning and sound doesn't work and later for a can! general satisfaction
  • captonn
    Location was good, hotel facilities obsolete, not to force the network, the bed is too soft a lumbar discomfort. breakfast good, toilet water is salty.
  • LOYI small treasures
    Facilities are too old.
  • summer880925
    Rooms at several times, quite good
  • denyxp
    Hotel room facilities, service is average and the breakfast, but good location. transportation, entertainment, shopping is very convenient.
  • sunmin211
    Great location but old; and price.
  • tan2156
    Also get
  • Isabella_33
    Very good, is said to be the television room, but I had no such function.
  • alice8206504
    Very good, very comfortable
  • e00075371
    City Center downtown, travel shopping trip very convenient, rooms a little old
  • neting
    Next to the square, the transportation is convenient, is a bit old but facilities, great!
  • annyrose
    Hotel location is good, and four star hotel is a bit far off, outdated facilities, could hardly describe the awful breakfast, and parking is also separate charges, of sorts.
  • angelajy712
    Hotel was so disappointing! Basically is the standard hotel, a deluxe room, basement p a share as the tide, shabby old sink in the bedroom, wallpaper glue, slippers are not disposable, blue bath slippers, don't believe the pictures! never came!
  • mmandyy
    Is a very good hotel facilities good, convenient, nearby attractions, shopping department store plc and the room was spacious, quiet, proper price, applicable insert business.
  • Baran
    That's good!
  • liuyong5217758
    The room's too small
  • cocoluluping
    Like Shandong people's honest, simple and hospitable! quiet hotel, good health condition!
  • tuan88
    Too old, don't stay
  • e00171888